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Have fresh Mystic Pasta on your own schedule, no matter where you live!

We’ve been asked enough times how seasonal residents in the High Country can get their Mystic fix year-round and are glad to finally offer cold home delivery by the month.

Subscribe or monthly deliveries that will keep your fridge and freezer stocked with your favorite Mystic Pasta selections - all with the freedom to pause or cancel anytime (yes, that means you can order once and cancel before new cycle for a one-time freezer full of fresh pasta). 

The box is cold-packed with speedy delivery as six separate 2/3lb serving boxes (perfect for three people entrée-sized dinners) sealed for up to one month of freezer storage.


That’s a gourmet pasta meal every week with two extra for sharing.

See this month's delivery lineup below... 

We ship orders twice each month. The first Monday of the month and the last Monday of the month. 

If you're traveling or away, simply pause your subscription via the link you're sent at checkout (or email and we'll handle it for you).

As you can imagine, shipping perishable items is not a cheap proposition, hence our pricing. Even still, our subscription is flat-rate $99 per month and includes all tax and shipping so you don't have to think about it. 


Pasta will keep well in freezer for one month. While it won’t go bad, the texture does degrade with added freezer time. Try to consume within the space of a month if possible. Leave wrapped until use.

Thaw before cooking (pop in fridge for 12 hours or so). Bring salty water to a fast-rolling boil, drop in the nest, return to a boil and check after 4 minutes (some take longer, others shorter).

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